Reader’s Comments


(A Novel)

“The pressure cooker of rejection, deceit, and greed explodes across the pages, drawing the reader into Lawyer Penn Roman’s quest to clear his client… Along with Roman, the reader will vacillate. Could the client be guilty?… The characters’ dialogue and the pace of the novel are visual….”

The Decatur Daily

“All good stories concern the struggle between good and evil, truth and lies. It sets up the tension that keeps a reader turning pages,… Characters in David Cauthen’s,… Absolute Justice, personify all of these extremes. But even Cauthen’s good guys must deal with contradictions of character. No one is squeaky clean, above temptation….”

News Courier, Athens, AL

“I am an avid reader of Stuart Woods, Michael Connelly,…, James Patterson, Richard North Patterson, David Baldacci, Harlen Coben. Now I can add David Cauthen.”

R. McKenzie

“A captivating thriller guaranteed to keep you guessing.”

W. Welch

“Absolute Justice” is the best book I’ve ever read!”

H. Condra

“… I just finished reading your book. WOW!!!!!! It was great. Can’t wait for the next one….”

R. Costner

“… David Cauthen writes as if he is talking with you, weaving a tale which manages to keep the conclusion unknown to the end. This story is a candidate for a block-buster movie.”

G. Hansberry

“… The character development made me feel like I knew these people personally….”

P. Slaten Decatur, Ala. Public Library

(A Novel)

“Thumbs up to Thumbs Down!!!… As a lawyer, I found Thumbs Down to be spellbinding,… “As a friend and colleague, I want to congratulate you on a masterful job in weaving all of these characters and their conspiratorial roles together…, perhaps he (you) will treat us to another mystery as compelling as Thumbs Down.

Wm. Shinn, Jr.

“Thumbs up for ‘Thumbs Down’. Cauthen has invented an interesting and entertaining story, skillfully written. The author keeps the story lively by presenting it mostly in dialogue, and Cauthen has a good ear for conversation and legal testimony.”

Richard McCann, The Decatur Daily

“Oh my, woweeee!, hooray!, etc., etc., etc., I have just finished (and sad that it’s over), but what a great story, …, So much knowledge to peak one’s interest, then so many ‘motives’ and ‘bad guys. I had no trouble keeping them all straight, but marveled at the plot, sub-plots, and so on. Yours is a great gift my friend. I can toot your horn for many moons and cannot wait for the next one….”

B. Costner

(An Autobiography)

“I just had to write you to tell how much I enjoyed reading When Destiny Comes to a Fork in the Road. What a delightful experience… Our lives have been touched by some of the same people. What fun to read about some of them and your escapades, struggles and triumphs… Most importantly, I rejoice with you and thank you for writing about your spiritual insights and the faith which we also share….”

L. Patterson

“…I want you to know that I read every word of your memoirs and was very impressed with how you’ve lived your life, your many achievements, and the skills with which you wrote the book. Great job!…. I’m writing to let you know I thoroughly enjoyed your autobiography. To be able to recall so much and/or have photos and documents to remind you of events is astounding!! Have your daemon (guardian angel) to be the protagonist is a great idea. You have lived life to the fullest and more so, thus far. Maybe enough for two lives! You stated your motivations and ideals as they impacted your activities in a direct manner. You don’t skip short-comings you wanted to acknowledge. That takes courage. You showed bravery at an early age and are still a courageous person. Idealistic! Well, there’s lots more I was interested in reading about, such as your term in the Alabama Legislature, …, the rise of PACS (Political Action Committies) and how bills pass, many times unread.”

Cathy H.

The following excerpts were excised from an article in his boyhood hometown, Roanoke, Alabama, newspaper, The Randolph Leader, reporting his remarks to a large book-signing gathering in that city’s public library, and includes the following:
“David Cauthen will return home once again to talk about his newest book, ‘When Destiny Comes to a Fork in the Road (underlining added)..
It,… includes much of a life of a youngster and young man growing up in a certain period of time but in telling the story… of the family business, Roanoke Telephone Company. (Now TEC).
He tells much of Edgewood, a part of Homewood (a suburb of Birmingham, Alabama), as well as Roanoke, and later on Auburn (University) and life in the service.
This book is narrated by Demus, his guardian angel, and tells the story of a life like no other.

“Cauthen said, ‘I see it as a sort of spiritual journey on trying to realize what your destiny is…what my life is dedicated to-the end result…,
I was brought up to believe I was part of God’s plan. It really makes you feel you are worth something. We don’t always live it out the way it ‘should be lived,’ he said.
He admits he has a difficult time explaining the destiny concept–that destiny is a many faceted plan but God leaves it up to the person to follow that destiny, it is a freedom of choice. …
He is brutally honest in the book. He said he felt like he had to be to make it authentic…
‘I told about the things that affected my life. I left out things that would embarrass someone (else). I’m not worried about embarrassing myself,’ he said…
‘I hope people read it from a spiritual aspect,… about what was going on in the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s.’ He was six years old when World War II started but remembers it,’ he said ”

Penny L. Pool
The Randolph Leader
Roanoke, Ala.
August 7, 2013