Thumbs Down

Thumbs Down

The telephone’s insistent ringing at three in the morning snatched Sam Workman from dreamless sleep.

“Hello,” he mumbled.

“This is a warning,” said a digitally altered voice. “Leave Betterton now! If you don’t, you won’t live long enough to regret it.”

“Who is this?” Sam angrily demanded to a dead line.

“Unknown name, unknown number,” blinked the phone’s call identifier.

“Coward!” Workman growled and slammed down the receiver.

This call was the beginning of a deluge of conspiratorial threats, deceit, schemes, and violence to destroy B&W Concrete, Sam’s business, by banning it from major construction work in the city and county and forcing B&W’s removal from two multi-million dollar construction projects – a five-story hospital addition and a huge industrial engine plant – which represented $400 million in construction costs and projected millions in profits to B&W in pouring the concrete during construction.

Sam retains attorney Penn Roman to stem the tide of disastrous actions drowning B&W in a flood of claims of incompetence, fraud, more threats, and violence against Sam, Penn, and Penn’s family.

When a testing lab employee working on the projects disappears and the newspaper prints libelous articles condemning B&W, Penn and Sam find themselves entangled in a web of greed, deceit, violence, and murder.

Courageously, they face those responsible in an explosive and telling trial to the finish.